Collection Development and Plans for the Future!

Hello everyone,

It’s finally starting to feel like spring, and I’m finally starting to develop my final project for my internship! So much has happened in the past few weeks; I’ve had the opportunity to observe a music class that was writing a musical and I’ve been focusing on collection development for an Afrofuturism collection. Collection development was actually much more difficult than I had anticipated, especially since Afrofuturism is such a timely and emerging genre. In the few weeks since I began the project, a handful of new Afrofuturism titles have been published to much acclaim, and even older books that had been difficult to find began new printings. I don’t think I’ve ever explored a genre that had such exponential publishing growth on a daily basis!

For my final project, I’m really interested in exploring how foreign language works are catalogued and accessed at Musselman. By browsing through MUSCAT, I’ve found that search terms don’t always work properly with foreign language titles, and many catalogues are likely to give you English works even when you are searching for foreign language titles. As a student with a foreign language minor, I dream of making these titles easier to access, as well as creating a research guide where professors can suggest different titles based on reading level. Hopefully we can give out foreign language collections a little more love!

Until next time,
Elli Vega

Research Help Desk and Class Observation

Hello again!

As of today, I’ve officially been alone on the Research Help Desk for two weeks! At first it was a little intimidating, but by using the research and citations guides I’ve been able to handle every questions I’ve gotten so far. During my desk shifts, I’ve also been studying readings about ebooks, collection, and weeding, as well as getting better acquainted with the databases. I decided to study databases that were in disciplines that I hadn’t encountered in my academic career, so I spent a lot of time in resources like Bio1 and LexisNexis. My favorite database that I’ve found so far has probably been DAPL, which can be difficult to search, but has many museum like exhibitions that provide unique insights into American History.

Today is also the day that I’ve observed my first library session. I decided to observe an environmental science class, which exposed me to the Environment Complete database and the PLOS One citation style. The library session was well balanced between group instruction and research time, and much of the session focused on refining search terms so that students got results specific to the subject they’re researching. Next week, I’ll be observing a music class, so I’m excited to see what that holds in store.

Until next time,
Elli Vega

A Short Introduction

Hello everyone! I’m Elli Vega, and I’m the new Fortenbaugh Intern for the Spring 2018 semester.

I’m a sophomore English w/ Writing Concentration and Women and Gender Studies Major, as well as a Japanese minor. When I was growing up, my public library was a place of refuge and exploration, but it I didn’t exactly consider a profession in the library sciences until recently. As I grew from a book-devouring child to a book-devouring teenager, I realized I was beginning to fall out of love with libraries, and I couldn’t exactly pen why. When I examined the root of my sudden falling out, I found a strange answer; my public and high school libraries didn’t have a very diverse catalog that represented my interest, and the protagonists and authors inside their books weren’t exactly reflective of who I was. But thankfully, that all changed when I came to college, and my love for the architecture and catalogue of Musselman Library was actually one of the reasons I chose to come here!

Last semester, I became increasingly enamored with the possibilities of working within archival science. During a Queer Theory course I took, we spoke about the importance of archiving queer history so that it will not be allowed to fall by the wayside. I feel like my place in library science is to help document and archive the history of minority communities in America so that their experiences don’t become lost, and hopefully, one day, history books and popular narratives will focus on an intersectional portrayal of American history. Over the course of the semester, I’ll hopefully be creating a project that addresses these themes, and I’ll be sure to keep you updated.

But I’m not always taking myself so seriously! I spend most of my free time with my baby cat Caleb, who is almost a year old now, and I am a poet and Nintendo RPG addict. I also love working on The Mercury magazine on campus, and my favorite place to be is the Poetry Circle at Waldo’s downtown.

So if you’re looking to say hi, you can meet me at the Research Help Desk, where I’ve been learning to answer any research question under the sun. I might be still learning, but I’m definitely up for a challenge. I mean, the best way to learn is through experience, so bring me any and all inquiries you can think of. I’ve also been lucky enough to work with some amazing librarians during my training and at the desk here, and they’ll also definitely be able to figure out your questions.

I promise to keep you updated,
Elli Vega