For Good: My Last Post of the Summer

So the summer has flown by and as my last day is Friday,  here’s my last post. I have finished my first draft transcription of the H.L Baugher travel diary and am in the process of proofreading it (which I hope to finish tomorrow!).  I have made a finding guide to describe the diary and it’s contents and digitized several pages containing flower samples as well! This project has been so much fun and I have truly enjoyed working so closely with such an amazing artifact. Baugher describes the interesting stories and experiences so well, I feel like I’m right there with him climbing St. Bernarnd (yes the mountain the dogs are named after) or boating around Switzerland. His descriptions are breathtaking and I would love to travel to all the places he visited some day. This internship has certainly changed my perspective for the better and I would like to thank the staff in Special Collections for this amazing opportunity I have had this summer. I can’t wait to take all I learned and use it in the future!

Have a great last bit of summer!

To England and Beyond!

Greetings Dear Readers!

As I mentioned before, I am primarily working on transcribing the European travel diary of H. Lewis Baugher. He and his friend have so far arrived in England, and traveled to Wales, Ireland,  Scotland, and the 1867 Exhibition in Paris.. He has described in detail all the wonderful sights he has seen including Oxford, beautiful rivers, and talked to several interesting people. My favorite parts of the diary, however, are when he describes the scenes of nature. One particular scene that grabbed my attention was describing Mt. Snowden in Wales and he has also described the scenes in Paris with various churches .  I’m almost done and can’t wait to see how their trip ends up!

In addition to transcribing, I have also created a box for the diary to be safely housed in when not in use. This has been an interesting experience and I enjoyed learning about book conservation!

Well got to get back to transcribing so stay tuned for my final report!

First Post!

Hello! My name is Elizabeth Steinhour and I am working in Special Collections as the Diane Werely Smith ’73 Project Intern. This is the second summer I am spending in Gettysburg and I very excited to see where it takes me! This summer, I will be working on various college history projects and learning the ins and outs of book conservation and archives. Currently, I am working on transcribing the diary of the son of former Gettysburg College President Henry Lewis Baugher that was written during his trip to Europe in 1867 and I’m very excited to share with all of you where he travels! I will also be working on organizing other college files.

I recently graduated from Gettysburg with an Individual Major focusing on American Presidential Leadership with a concentration in Education Certification. I was involved in many activities on campus including  Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority, Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity, Kappa Delta Pi Education Honors Society, and Dance Ensemble. I have also interned with the National Park Service here in Gettysburg at the Eisenhower National Historic Site and in Harpers Ferry WV at Harpers Ferry National Historical Park. Additionally, studied abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark in the Spring of 2014 (I’m anxious to see if the diary travels there =)) !

That’s all for now, I can’t wait to share with you all my where my projects take me this summer so stay tuned!