Greetings from the Civil War Intern!

Hello everyone! I would like to welcome you to Musselman Library’s intern blog. I’m Steven Semmel (the big goofy guy at the bottom of the current intern’s section) and I am the Brian C. Pohanka Civil War Institute intern at Special Collections for the summer of 2015. I will primarily be working with anything that deals with the Civil War in Special Collections. This includes diary transcriptions, digitizing, cataloging, creating displays, you name it! I am having a wonderful time so far this summer and currently working on transcribing three years worth of diary entries from Hoadley G. Hosford. Hosford is a soldier from the 44th New York and the 146th New York during the war. He wrote diaries from almost the entirety of his service. Some of the diary entries, (pictured on the right) shows the wear and tear of what Hosford went through during his time in the Army of the Potomac. I am very excited to see where this project leads ( I promise to post pictures).

So I figured I would tell a little bit about myself so you have some understanding of who’s posts you will be reading this summer. I promise, I will not put you to sleep (try not to anyway). I am from the small town of Palmerton, Pennsylvania at the base of the Poconos. I am a History and Computer Science double major and a Civil War Era studies and Public History double minor at Gettysburg College as a rising senior. And yes, I do have a social life. I am also a Campus Recreation Intramural Supervisor, Vice President of the Civil War club on campus and a member of the 26th Pennsylvania College Guard, the college’s reenacting group.  I used to play football here at the college but now focus my time on academics and combining my History and Computer Science backgrounds in most of my work. One of my current projects is creating a GPS based touring app that will allow you to create your own tours and take notes and pictures on other tours. I might be working on similar project here for Special Collections (shhhhh, its a secret!).

This is my second time receiving a Pohanka internship, my first in 2013 with the Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania  National Battlefield Park. I applied for Special Collections because I wanted to get a new experience and always love going through historical documents to learn new things every day. Gettysburg has been one of my favorite places since I was in middle school and was overjoyed to be going to school here and now working on campus for the summer. I hope you enjoyed this post and looking forward to posting more on the blog this summer!

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