Eisenhower and his grandson David at the
Eisenhower Farm in 1966. 

In the past two weeks, I’ve been working on the Whiting journal and re-housing the PR collection slides. I’m editing Kate Whiting’s travel journal, which is coming along nicely! I would’ve loved to meet her and talked to her about her adventures, including but not limited to why she and her family picked the boat and places they did and if they ever took any other trips, I’ve re-housed a lot of PR slides and they look way better in the new covers. The old covers get sticky and start to smell funky when they get old. I’ll post some pictures next time of “before” and “after.” Today, I saw some slides from the 1950s – fascinating how different things were then! (They were laying the cornerstone for Stine Hall in one image).

 In other news, I was lucky, as a senior, to be asked to pick a book from Musselman Library to have plated in my room. Naturally, I picked a book relating to history – Dwight Eisenhower’s second memoir Waging Peace. After my experiences with Eisenhower in my senior seminar, the Garthwait Leadership Institute, a program in the Eisenhower Institute, studying the Little Rock crisis for a class project, visiting his farm for fun and for a class, and various lectures/speeches on or involving him, I thought it appropriate to leave my name in the book of someone whose legacy has shaped my time at Gettysburg. The funny thing is, after I made the decision, Amy and I were looking at the 1950s slides and we saw some of Eisenhower campaigning in Gettysburg in 1952! What a coincidence. I have to say, after four years, I have grown attached to him.

I look forward in the next month to completing the finding aid for the journal and re-housing all (or as many as I can) slides!

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