Time for my second post!

So I have fully processed the Leo Jarboe Collection. At some point, my draft finding aid will be read and edited and will eventually go online. To top of finishing the collection (or so I thought at that point), Melanie and I took a little trip to New Oxford (about a 20-minute drive) to meet Leo Jarboe. It felt so surreal to meet a man whose papers I had been going through for the past month. We talked about his adventures on the USS Callaghan (DD-792), his life after World War II, and his family. In addition, he donated more documents to Special Collections, which means I added more to the finding aid and more to the boxes! Thankfully, the extra documents fit nicely into the folders I had already set up.

I also finished putting some College Publications into their correct locations. These publications originate from various departments around the College and are filed away according to that department. I did have to create a few new folders and figure out how to hyperlink in Excel (which I never knew how to do before.)

Now, I commence on a big project dealing with the saved public relations documents and photographs of Gettysburg College. So far, I have been re-housing all of the old negative sheets from the late 1960s and early 1970s. Some of the negatives feature what the College looked like during those times. There was no Quarry Buildings, Musselman Library, or the new Athletic Center, and Apple Annex was being built. Even while re-housing a collection, I learned information about the College’s history. I can’t imagine the buildings currently here not here, so it’s very interesting to see them “not here” visually!

I think I learn something new every day, whether it’s about Gettysburg’s Special Collections and Archives specifically, archival work in general, or new information about a person, place, or department I did not know before. Even moving old negatives to a new, protective sheet teaches me about something I did not know before. While it’s hard to believe that the semester is almost halfway over, I look forward to learning more!

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