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Project: Ask Us. This project that has been in the works for quite some time is finally coming to fruition and I’m very excited about it. At the start of the semester it was very unclear what my project would be in this wide-world of librarianship and how to relate it back to the Reference Desk.  Luckily for me the Reference department has been undergoing a sort of marketing revival and I get to help.  Admittedly, I knew nothing about how to market the skills of reference librarians but after reading many articles, I think we have a winning strategy.  It will hopefully be up and running in the next month, right before finals; I will be interested to see if the desk gets much more business but it is unclear if will be from the marketing strategy or the rush to save some grades.

Speaking of finals and the end of the semester it has been interesting, as a Senior, to try and figure out; what next? I am applying to graduate school in Library and Information Science but I still need to get experience and some dollars in the bank.  Thanks to some of the reference librarians here I have found a great site that posts a majority of the open librarian positions in each state.  It is incredibly useful but at the same time it is a bit frustrating.  As any Senior knows, we are over-educated and under-qualified for a vast majority of these jobs but there are some opportunities and some are close to home. The real world is looming but with this internship I do feel confident that I will be able to find a job that will provide me with experience and eventually to a job I really enjoy.

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