Another Project Underway

Hello Gettysburg!  I hope everyone is having a great week.  I must have spoken too soon in my last post about the warm weather, hopefully it comes back soon.

On another note, I have embarked on another researching journey; this time focusing on “The President’s Own” U.S. Marine Band.  Ever since I got to see them perform at a neighboring high school my freshmen year, I been fascinated and inspired by the level of excellence and precision that the Marine Band displays.  One day I hope to join their ranks as part of the euphonium section, but I still have a lot of work and practicing to do before I can achieve this goal.
The 1965 euphonium section
of the President’s Own
The point of this project will be to collect and present some information about “The President’s Own” as my way of adding to the library.  I have begun and will continue to research the history of the Marine Band, its directors (John Philip Sousa is probably the most famous, but many others made essential contributions), the musicians (particularly the euphonium section), composers and compositions, the repertoire that the band performs and how it has changed over time, smaller ensembles within the band (and maybe a little bit about service bands from the other branches), and the role of the Marine Band today.  Once all my research is done I will present it in some way that is yet to be determined.  I will provide an update in about two weeks as to my progress, and in the mean time, I highly recommend finding recordings of the Marine Band to listen to online.  Or, check out the CD collection in the library (yep that’s right, we’ve got a few CDs by the Marine Band!)

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