Categorizing History

Since my last blog post, I have become more familiar with the desk and have begun to answer questions that are more in depth and make use of the reference skills that I have been learning.  This week, I have even started working the desk by myself!  I was a little nervous at first, but once I had my first patron, I realized that I felt confident in what I had learned in my training and I was able to help!
Aside from familiarizing myself with the desk, I have started working on a project which has me redesigning the History Libguides page.  I researched into the libguides of other schools to get a sense of how different schools were organizing their databases in the most efficient, user-friendly manner.  After getting a sense of what works and what did not, I have started designing a new page, incorporating what I have learned from my research.

In organizing this new page, I have discovered that there are so many amazing databases that Musselman library subscribes to that not many students know about or can easily find.  I am attempting to design the new page so that the students doing historical research will have easy access to these numerous databases, in the hopes that they find the best information we can offer.  It was a bit of a struggle to categorize the variety of databases so that it is clear to researchers where to find the information they need.  Some of the new categories will include searching by time period or by region. 
Hopefully soon the page will be ready to be tested by students or other librarians so that we can move forward with the redesign! 

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