Collection Development and Plans for the Future!

Hello everyone,

It’s finally starting to feel like spring, and I’m finally starting to develop my final project for my internship! So much has happened in the past few weeks; I’ve had the opportunity to observe a music class that was writing a musical and I’ve been focusing on collection development for an Afrofuturism collection. Collection development was actually much more difficult than I had anticipated, especially since Afrofuturism is such a timely and emerging genre. In the few weeks since I began the project, a handful of new Afrofuturism titles have been published to much acclaim, and even older books that had been difficult to find began new printings. I don’t think I’ve ever explored a genre that had such exponential publishing growth on a daily basis!

For my final project, I’m really interested in exploring how foreign language works are catalogued and accessed at Musselman. By browsing through MUSCAT, I’ve found that search terms don’t always work properly with foreign language titles, and many catalogues are likely to give you English works even when you are searching for foreign language titles. As a student with a foreign language minor, I dream of making these titles easier to access, as well as creating a research guide where professors can suggest different titles based on reading level. Hopefully we can give out foreign language collections a little more love!

Until next time,
Elli Vega

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