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Hello Gettysburg!

I hope everyone had an awesome Spring Break and is enjoying the short burst of nice weather!  It’s been a long time since my last post because I have been working on a month-long project, and I wanted to wait until it was complete to give the whole scoop.  Due to my interest in any and everything that has to do with the euphonium, I did a great deal of research in an effort to improve and expand upon the large collection of musical resources that the Musselman Library has to offer.
I started by making a list of ten euphonium players from around the world whose skills, styles, and techniques best show off all of the qualities of the euphonium.  I had well over twenty world class players on my list after my initial research, and it took quite a while to whittle the list down to a final count of 14.  For those interested, they are: Steven Mead, David Childs, Robbert Vos, Brian Bowman, David Werden, Adam Frey, Jukka Myllys, Demondrae Thurman, Nicholas Childs, Robert Childs, David Thornton, Leonard Falcone, Aaron Vanderweele, and Lyndon Baglin.  Using this list, I tried to find the CDs and other audio recordings that best represented each artist’s individual style while showing off the cool things that a really great euphonium player can do.  This list was also hard to narrow down, as most of the artists have dozens of CDs available for preview and purchase on their respective websites.  (I highly recommend looking these guys up if you’re not familiar with them–they’re really good!)  Unfortunately, not all of these artists had CDs available, but audio recordings of all of them can be found either on their websites or on YouTube.
While looking for CDs, I was also researching methods books and solos. (mainly for euphonium, but some for trombone and tuba)  I compiled yet another list of the methods and etude books that a euphonium player would benefit the most from, and still another list of solos ranging in difficulty from high school level to professional.  (I became very good friends with Excel as a result of this project)
Anyway, I believe that some of the items on my lists are going to be added to the library’s collection, and I highly recommend checking them out.  If you don’t play the euphonium, (or even know what that is) I encourage you to check out some of the CDs that the library has, or go on to Naxos Music Library, or just search “euphonium” on YouTube.  To all other instrumentalists and vocalists: I challenge you to do some exploring in the library’s collection for your instrument, and if there is something you would like that the library does not have, contact Amy Ward, the music librarian, at, and she will do what she can to add it to the collection.
Lastly, here are some pictures of some of the artists mentioned above!  Enjoy, and keep up the great work.

Steven Mead, England
Dr. Brian Bowman, University of North Texas
David Werden, U.S. Coast Guard Band

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