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My name is Alexa Schreier and I am serving as the Barbara Holley Intern for the next year (through Academic Year 2015/2016)! As the Holley Intern I will be moving around between the four main departments at Musselman Library, which includes Special Collections & Archives, Tech Services, User Services, and Research and Instruction. With that said, I will be spending the entire summer in Special Collections & Archives where I am currently learning the ins and outs of both book repair and preservation as well as what it means to process a collection, whether that be letters, journals, relics, historical memorabilia, or anything else that finds its way into the Special Collections department. As this is only an introduction, watch soon for details on the exciting projects I’ve already been tasked with!
Though there is a brief biography of each intern on the side panel, I’ll take just a quick moment to tell you a little bit about myself. As a Pennsylvania native, it felt only natural to be applying for a position at Gettysburg College after spending four years at McDaniel College in Westminster, Maryland as a double major in English and Environmental Studies. My childhood and teenage years were spent in and out of libraries, forming both an appreciation for the curation of knowledge and information as well as the fostering of community support in both public and private libraries, making it seem only logical to consider a career in the field. After discovering a dual passion for Environmental Studies, it soon became evident that Academia provided the research setting I was most interested in pursuing. In an effort to continue familiarizing myself with the ideas of research, information accessibility, and community involvement, the Holley Internship at Gettysburg’s Musselman Library seemed as though it would provide the exact opportunity I had been hoping to find as a graduate fresh out of college.

With that, hopefully you feel slightly more informed as to who I am and what I am/will be doing during my time at Musselman Library! Make sure to check back often for updates on the many neat things happening around here. 

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