Just keep plugging away

Hello Gettysburg!
I hope all is well, and that everyone is enjoying the last few weeks of the semester.  It is amazing how quickly the semester went, and also a little scary; I only have two more weeks to finish the project I am working on.

So here is a quick update:

So many resources, so little time

I am not the greatest technology user, but I am in the process of creating a page on the library’s resource guide that will include resources, links to resources, and links to links to resources about pretty much anything anyone might ever want to know about the President’s Own Marine Band.  It will include audio resources, as well as links to more audio resources.  It will include links to notable and informative websites that will show you super cool pictures of various aspects of the Marine Band, as well as its musicians and directors, past and present.  It will even include links to resources that the library has about the Marine Band, such as informative books that you can actually read.
Bottom line: its going to be awesome!

The date is set for me to complete the project by Friday May 2nd, at which time it will be made visible to the public.  I know you all can’t wait, so in the mean time, if there’s anything that you might want to know about the Marine Band, (such as: When was it founded?  Which president held a party for the band’s 200th anniversary?  How many women are in the band?  Who are other important and influential directors of the band?  Where and when does the band play?  What is the significance of each uniform?  I could go on and on…) don’t hesitate to send me an email asking me to include something that you find interesting.
There’s only two more weeks left of classes, and then its finals week, so just keep plugging away and doing great work!

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