Keeping busy!

I have been keeping very busy in Special Collections!  I just finished a project combing some papers that had initially been separated.  One box was intended to be department papers, while the other was supposed to be personal papers.  I talked with some of the staff and we decided that it would be best to combine the papers, as they have a lot of common information that would be good to have in one place.  That collection is finally complete and it feels great to have my first full project all done!

The day I finished this project I got to talking with the book conservation specialist.  Since I have been in Special Collections I have been interested in learning a bit more about this field.  It was really cool to learn about some different ways rare books were bound and what kinds of attributes makes them special.  She told me about some of the rare books the college has and what kind of work she generally does to preserve and repair them.  I also got to learn a little bit about the projects that students were working on.  Some of the students are working on creating special boxes for rare books.  These boxes will have a rounded edge, which is not something normally done.  They chose to do this because the books are quite beautiful and rare and they wanted the boxes to reflect that.  I love having the opportunity to learn about things like this!

Today I got introduced to a new project I will be working on likely on and off for the rest of the semester.  I am going to work to identify people in photographs from the Theatre Arts Department’s past productions.  This will be an awesome project because I can work with the theatre arts materials, which is something I am really interested in as a theatre arts minor.  I’m eager to be working with with digital collections for the first time, and excited to reach out to alum as a resource to help identify people in pictures.  There will certainly be more posts about my progress with this project!

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