Librarianship is Neat!

My name is Celia and I am the Spring 2014 Fortenbaugh Reference Intern! 
About Me: I’m a Senior History major with a minor in Africana Studies. I’m from outside of Harrisburg, PA, so just one step outside of being townie status. I was the Co-Captain for Bullets Cheer this past season and I am also on the Executive Board for Dance Ensemble (I’m not a very good dancer though, whoops!) and I really like cats and they will be featured on these blog posts.  Like this one… This is the cat version of me when I found out I got the Internship.
I’ve got a few weeks under my belt now with this Internship and so far, so good. I’ll be totally honestly though, when I first started every time someone came near the desk I got a little nervous because after 3.5 years I thought I knew my way around the Library; nope. BUT, now with three weeks of perusing research guides, databases, asking a zillion questions and rereading everything in my training guide approximately three times, I feel confident that I can be helpful, and that’s great! 

Otherwise, I’m not much of a chatty Kathy but I do to get hang out with Ronalee Ciocco, the Director of User Services and Jessica Howard, the Electronic Resources and Web Librarian, later this week! It should be exciting, and I shall report back next time!! 

ALSO; because of this weather lately.. this ECard is just too accurate!

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