Meetings, Weedings, Development.. Oh My!

          Hello!! Since the last time I posted a lot has happened and so far, still good. That’s not to say I haven’t needed help on a few Reference Questions but things are going pretty well. I’ve had a few ‘RefWins’ where I’ve felt that I was particularly helpful, one was even over chat! Everything is going great thus far and I’m definitely learning, a lot.

            The last couple weeks I have had a couple of meetings with other integral members of the library staff. The first was with Jessica Howard, the Electronic Resources & Web Services Librarian.  This meeting was awesome because we discussed how she became a librarian when it wasn’t exactly her original plan.  We also talked about what she does for the library in terms of keeping the website up and functioning but we spoke at length about her part in deciding which databases get used.  We currently have several trial databases up and she explained how thorough the process is because she gets feedback from faculty, staff and students and how even though it may take longer, she generally finds pretty great databases that are super helpful.

            In my other meeting with Ronalee Ciocco, the Director of User Services, I got to talk to her about everything that is required of her job. Most of our discussion revolved around Inter Library Loan (ILLiad) and her thoughts on the eBook issue. We also talked about the the OneSearch function that GBurg has now, she mentioned that there has been a huge increase of requests because it searches so many databases that students use the Gett It button much more frequently. The most helpful part of my meeting with Ronalee was just getting advice on how to be a better librarian and she really emphasized that getting experience was the key because it would make getting a job after Graduate School a lot easier.

           Other than my meetings, I also had a fun week working with the collection in terms of weeding and development. I helped Clint, Stephanie and Kerri weed the science section of the reference collection. I thought it was helpful seeing librarians who don’t specialize in science make really thoughtful choices on what books to keep, weed, or move elsewhere.  Then, on the opposite side of the library spectrum, I helped Kerri with Collection Development.  I started with the browsing room which means I got to review a bunch of new fiction titles. It was so hard to pick and choose because they all seemed so interesting and fun in comparison to some of my school readings.  Who knows, spring break is soon, maybe I’ll have some time to read in a couple weeks!

Weeding. It ain’t just for gardens.


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