My First Weeks!

Hello! My name is Megan Fowle, and I am the Fortenbaugh Intern for the Spring of 2015!
To begin, here is a little bit about me:  I am a senior history major with a minor in Educational Studies.  I am from Frederick, MD, home to Francis Scott Key and the site of the Monocacy Battlefield. Over this past summer, I interned at the Historical Society of Frederick County, which is where those fun little tidbits of Frederick’s history came from. My favorite book is probably Peter Pan, but even as I type that I am thinking of several other books that I could have written as my favorites.  It is just so hard to choose!
I am very excited to work in the Reference Department this semester! I have completed my first two weeks, which I spent training with different members of the Reference staff.  I really enjoyed being able to learn from each of them, to see what their strengths were and hearing their pieces of advice.  Now that my training is over, I get to start working the reference desk and handling questions on my own!  To be honest, that makes me a little nervous.  There are so many aspects of reference librarianship that I had not known about.  From databases to subject searches, there are so many tricks of the trade that I have learned about over the past two weeks which I am excited to explore further, and I am excited for the challenge!

All-in-all, it has been a wonderful start to this internship, and I am looking forward to diving deeper into the world of reference!

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