So many projects, so little time

Recently I’ve been going back and forth between a few different projects.  I’ve been working hard trying to identify people in the digital photos from past Gettysburg College theatre productions in the GettDigital Theatre Arts collection.  The staff taught me how to use the ContentDM program so that I can actually have the website show the names I’ve uncovered.  I’ve been using yearbooks, alumni catalogs, and some of the staff from the Theatre Arts Department as resources.  At the beginning I was making a lot of headway with identifying people; however, things are going a bit slower now and the people in the pictures are getting harder to identify.

I’ve also spent some time working on the Fred Fielding collection we have.  Fielding is an alum of Gettysburg and was very active in both Bush Administrations.  His papers reference a lot of government programs and I am finding them very interesting to sort through.  At this stage I am just taking general notes on the materials in the collection so that we have a better idea of what we are going through when we actually process it.

Today my fellow intern Abby and I got introduced to a project that just came up.  One of the staff is finding herself a little overbooked, so they asked us to help with creating the new exhibit that will be displayed in the Reading Room of Special Collections.  Abby and I are really excited to be working on this project together, especially since it’s the first project we will actually be doing as a team.  Today we spent our time looking through the artifacts from which the displayed materials will come.  The artifacts have not been stored in a particular order, so it was a bit of a process for us to start sorting through them in order to find the materials designated for display.  We found some really interesting things to look at while we were perusing the artifacts, including a military uniform from the 1860s!

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