The Final Week!

I can’t believe that this upcoming week will be my last as a Fortenbaugh intern! While I am sad that this semester is coming to a close, I am also very aware of all I have left to complete.  Abby and I have made great progress with our display.  The creative process has been really rewarding for both of us, and I know that I personally have really enjoyed doing this as a partner project.  We worked together to decide which fabric backdrop to use and we’re having a lot of fun moving the objects around to see where they fit and look best.  It’s really interesting to think like a curator and try to think about how people will look at a display.  What will they find most interesting?  Where do we want to direct their attention first?  These are all questions that we have to keep in mind as we work this upcoming week.

Abby and I have different schedules, so some of my time is spent working on other projects as well.  I am still working to identify theatre production photographs.  My goal right now is to get as much of the groundwork laid as I can for the more troublesome pictures, so that next year it will be easy to continue with the project.  I have learned so much from my time at Special Collections and I am so looking forward to continuing with some of my work in the year to come!

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