The Fortenbaugh in a Music Education Context

This past weekend I attend the Pennsylvania Music Educators Association (PMEA) Annual Conference in Hershey, PA. Along with the rest of my music education program here at Gettysburg College I went on a two day trip the Hershey Lodge to attend professional sessions, network with in-service teachers and administrators, and walk the music education marketplace. Now that I am back it is time to begin work putting together my library research guide geared towards helping others involved in music education and I have new insights to consider.

In building my research guide I am keeping several items in mind: music education repertoire, professional development, accommodating a diverse classroom, methodologies and teaching strategies, etc. A section of my guide will address the first item; with the help of student workers in the conservatory as well as my adviser, Dr. Talbot, there will be a list of all the repertoire (song books, music games, method books, etc.) available in the music ed classroom in Schmucker Hall. This list will function as a general reference list and organizational guide for building age-appropriate classroom repertoire. With regards to professional development, the second item, there will be links to professional development events and certification programs in different teaching methodologies, etc. to inform music educators on how to better their own knowledge. For accommodating diverse students there will be a variety of sources from teaching students with IEPs to creating dialogue and a safe environment to address social issues. Finally, for teaching strategies and methodologies, the final item, I plan to provide sources for the different teaching methods (Kodaly, Orff, Sezuki, Dalcroze, etc.) to better inform music educators on the many different ways students can be engaged in music learning.

I am grateful to have had such a great experience in my internship thus far. I have learned a great deal about my own teaching ideologies through the process of organizing different resources necessary to be a successful music teacher.

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