The Semester is Over?!?!

Big News! My project for the semester is finally done!  After reading through a lot of information on the best tactics for promoting a Reference Desk we finally found. After tailoring to our needs and putting our own flair on it we then had to find the students to help us.  This is one of the variations of our end project!

Overall, I am very happy with the results.  The theory is that since these contain photos of peers it is more likely that it will draw the attention of students passing by and they will stop and actually read what the poster is saying.   There are five different versions of these; one was made for the student landing page and one is for the library banner and then there are three variations of a poster which are located in all of the academic buildings, First Year dorms and common spaces on campus. 
I am excited to see if it really will promote desk services (or if we are just busier than usual because of finals).  I will have to check in with the Reference Department next week as this coming Wednesday is my last Reference Desk shift.  BUT! Before I get too worked up about the end of the semester/finals/real world/etc there is still the Finals Study Break that everyone should be looking forward to because there are temporary tattoos, games and ice cream. I’m glad I get to help set up because that means first dibs! Haha. Happy Finals!!!!

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