To England and Beyond!

Greetings Dear Readers!

As I mentioned before, I am primarily working on transcribing the European travel diary of H. Lewis Baugher. He and his friend have so far arrived in England, and traveled to Wales, Ireland,  Scotland, and the 1867 Exhibition in Paris.. He has described in detail all the wonderful sights he has seen including Oxford, beautiful rivers, and talked to several interesting people. My favorite parts of the diary, however, are when he describes the scenes of nature. One particular scene that grabbed my attention was describing Mt. Snowden in Wales and he has also described the scenes in Paris with various churches .  I’m almost done and can’t wait to see how their trip ends up!

In addition to transcribing, I have also created a box for the diary to be safely housed in when not in use. This has been an interesting experience and I enjoyed learning about book conservation!

Well got to get back to transcribing so stay tuned for my final report!

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